"The way you truly become great
is by bringing out
the greatness in others"

kristian michailov

My name is Kristian Michailov.

I'm pro volleyball coach with the highest level of certificate from FIVB - Coaches Course Level III

I’m an accomplished communicator, with excellent organizational decision making and time management skills and proven track record of consistenly meeting and regularly surpassing demanding performance goals. I am highly motivated, proactive and communicative person, striving to achieve all set up goals. Willing to develop personal skills. I’m working with smart and hardworking team and build a new knowledge every day.

I’m organizing the training process and implementing the software “Data Training”. I have gained the understanding of making analyzes of the video preparing and tactic construction of the “Data Volley”. Working closely with many sport software’s like Volley Metrics, SeTTex, Vert System, Volley Studio, Sport Mind and etc.


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"Little things make big things happen!"


It’s important to give the right information to our players, not to criticize them. We need more facts to validate the information rather than just giving our opinion.

Stop creating drills, we need to create learning of reality reading based opportunities. At highers levels the speed is an important teaching tool.

Working hard for something we don’t care is called stress, but working hard for something we love is called passion. Every day is a School day!