Recommendations for Volleyball Caoching Job

13 recommendations from FIVB Instructors, High-level Coaches & Pro Volleyball Players

John Kessel
FIVB Instructor Level IV, Director of USA Sport Development & 60th member of the AVCA Coaches Hall of Fame

“It’s my great pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Mr. Kristian Michailov as he pursues as a Pro Volleyball Coach.

As a FIVB Instructor Level IV I met Mr. MICHAILOV as a participant of FIVB Train The Trainers Coaches Course level III held in Cairo September 2019.

Kristian’s passionate about connecting with people and exploring new ideas through world elite volleyball. Kristian is a creative, detail-oriented, and savvy volleyball coach with a passion for the professional volleyball . He’s great at working with the team and can produce high-level work of volleyball.

Mr. Kristian Michailov has my highest recommendation for the position of Volleyball Head Coach. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information. Thank you for your time.”

Prof. Dimitar Mihaylov, Doctor
Director of Department "Volleyball" at
"National Sport Academy" Sofia, Bulgaria

“During his two years job as a trainer in the “National Sport Academy” Sofia Mr. Michailov created an educational coaching experience. He demonstrated enviable knowledge, developed a pedagogical skills and professional competences.

Kristian Michailov demonstrated the ability to accurately and correctly set requirements of the department and instruct students in the technical aspects of the game. He is smart coach, hardworking person with whom is easy to work with a highly moral, established sports educator and specialist in volleyball.

Kristian builds a confidence and understanding of proper techniques in the players, and to instruct and correct through positive, specific and purposeful feedback. He created a great teamwork management and motivation.”

Adrian Pfleghar
Mentor & Volleyball Coach at
VfB "Friedrichshafen"

Evaluation form of my 1 month Internship in „VfB Friedrichshafen“, Germany:

*Excellent analytic skills, ability to work in intensive and dynamic enviroment & ability to work quickly and efficiently

*Teamwork, taking responsibility, excellent communication skills & loyalty and confidentiality

*The Trainee has achieved the planned training results

Sebastian Rheinhardt
Volleyball Coach at "Berlin Recycling Volleys" & "Volleyball Verband Berlin"

“Ich habe Kristian als einen sehr engagierten und wissbegierigen Trainer kennen gelernt. Bei den Turnieren, bei denen er mich als Co-Trainer unterstützt hat (Bundespokal 2018) war er überaus hilfreich in der Vorbereitung auf den Gegner, den er gut analysiert hat. Er hat sich ins Team integriert und sich in die Gunst des Teams gestellt und hat seinen Teil dazu beigetragen, dass wir erfolgreich waren. Ich schätze seine Fachkompetenz und unterhalte mich sehr gerne mit ihn über Volleyball.„

Martin Nemec
Ex-Professional Volleyball player of "Trentino Volley" & Volleyball Coach at "Woori Card" South Korea

,,It was a huge pleasure to meet  coach Kristian at FIVB Course in Cairo , he has a lot of passion and he’s working very hard. He demonstrated really good knowledges about the professional elite volleyball. I wish him good luck for the career development like volleyball coach in the future.”

Maria Karakasheva
Pro Volleyball player at "Dinamo" Bucurest & Bulgarian National Volleyball Team

“Like personality  Kristian Michailov is the most positive and smiling person I have ever met. I worked with him in Bulgarian National Volleyball team and he is very strict, dedicated and always open to new challenges. He works with a big part of professionality and I’m sure that he is a coach with big potential for the future in the elite volleyball.”

Christian Kroeger
FIVB Instructor

”I became aquainted with Mr. Kristian MICHAILOV within the scope of my activities as FIVB Instructor.

 Mr. MICHAILOV was participant of FIVB Coaches Course level II in Lithuania October 2018 and FIVB Train The Trainer Course level III held in Cairo September 2019. Both Courses were supported by the Federation Internatinale de Volleyball and conducted by me.

Mr. MICHAILOV was conspicuous for a remarkable, exceptionally high degree of at-tentiveness both in practical and theoretical ways.

Not only did he deliver proof of his quick, secure grasp of complex, difficult circum-stances and problems, he also demonstrated his ability, time and again, of basing his judgment on astute and systematic thinking.

Mr. MICHAILOV’s intellectual abilities, motivational structure, competence scale and work orientation can be described as above-average by far.”

Vladimir Orlov
Head Coach of "Maritza" Plovdiv &
Volleyball Coach at Ukrainian National Women's Volleyball Team

“During our collaboration with the Bulgarian and Ukrainian National Women’s volleyball teams, my colleague Kristian Michailov showed a high quality of a specialist with modern ideas for the development and refinement of the training process. He presented a high analytical skills, a good command of Organization and management skills which plays a key role in women’s volleyball.” 


Mathias Albrecht & Torsten Manke
Sport Manager & Volleyball Coach at
"Berlin Recycling Volleys"

Evaluation form of my 5 months Internship in „Berlin Recycling Volleys“, Germany:

*Excellent operation with information sources, materials and documents

*Positive attitude towards work

*Understanding/Management of situations


*Overcoming difficult situations

Ioannis Parachidis
Physical Coach at Greece National Women's Volleyball Team & MTV "Stuttgart" / SC "Potsdam"

Kristian Michailov is an ambitious coach from the new generation of the volleyball world. He has several abroad experiences. He has a very interesting approach for the technical and tactical parts of the game.„


Mario Schmidgaal (22)
Pro Volleyball Player in 1st Bundesliga &
German National Volleyball Team

Kristian Michailov is a great person and a good coach with a lot of experience in all different kinds of places. It’s a pleasure every time I meet him and I would like to recommend him to any volleyball related job there is.”

Desi Nikolova
Pro Volleyball player in
1st Turkish Women's Volleyball League &
Bulgarian National Volleyball Team

“As a coach I can say that Kristian Michailov is the best choice to have . He has the ability to work with many different people and attitudes, always helping to the players and stay positive in any situation!”

Maria Dancheva
Pro Volleyball player at
Bulgarian National Volleyball Team

“I know Kristian Michailov for a few years now. He is really positive person, bring a lot of positive energy. He loves his Job and he likes to know another points of view, he’s opened for talks with the players about volleyball or out of the court. For him is  really important the mental part of the game, he knows a lot about it and do his best to help you out and bring the best out of you like a player or person.”